Amy Brooks '15

Amy Brooks '15

Amy Brooks ‘15
Journalism and Communications majors
Society of Professional Journalists
Resident Assistant, Village Townhouses

One of my mother’s favorite phrases is, “Be your best self.’

Growing up, I heard it a lot. When I would get home from school or swim practice, I would tell her different things that happened during my day; and she would ask, “Were you your best self in that situation?”  Whenever I handed her or my dad my report card, they would immediately look at the teacher’s comments to see how I was acting in class. To them, “pleasure to have in class” and “effort is excellent” were much more important than an “A+” was, because it meant that the teacher knew that I was trying my hardest to do my best.

To me, magis is the same thing as “Be your best self.” Magis is going into class and trying my hardest. It’s taking the time to volunteer in the community or help my friends. It’s random acts of kindness performed every day.

What I love most about magis is that it isn’t pressuring me to be the smartest, or the funniest, or the most talented. It’s telling me to look at who I am, notice everything that makes me the person I am, and perform those traits to the best of my ability.

Living the magis means that I try my hardest, put my best foot forward, and always always,Be my best self!”