Andrew Genco '14

Andrew  Genco '14

Andrew Genco ‘14
Special Education, SEHS
Campus Ministry Spiritual Intern

For me, living the magis at Canisius means never settling for less than the best.

I am doing pre-student teaching at PS 99 Stanley M. Makowski Early Childhood Center.  One thing the school tries to instill in the students is the necessity to be “active learners.” That means they should be giving their very best effort to the task they are being asked to complete, whether it is listening to directions, or reading a story. 

The magis to me relates very much to this concept.  But instead of being defined for strictly when I am in the classroom, it goes beyond this into all aspects of my life. Of course, I must be an active learner in the classroom, but I must also be an active learner in my relationships with God, others, and myself.

To be an active learner in my relationship with God, I must truly listen to what He says to me, and do what I feel He would want from me all of the time. Active learners don’t have selective hearing; they do exactly as they know they should, when they know they should do it.

To be an active learner in my relationships with others, I must have a spirit that is open to whatever they need, whenever they need it. I must be accepting of the presence of friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers in my life, and provide them with the love and support that they need in order to flourish.

Finally, I must be an active learner with my relationship with myself. There is always a lot going on in the outside world, and I often forget that I must take care of what I need before I can take care of others. I must not ignore my own needs; because when I do, I am prohibiting myself from being my best.