Andrew Loewen '10 Professional Hockey Player,
Columbus Cottonmouths

Andrew Loewen '10

I am currently playing professional hockey in the Southern Professional Hockey League. Canisius College has prepared me for my dream job in many different ways. Canisius gave me a strong value system that I am using in the community of Columbus, GA where I find myself today.  I have made central three core values that Canisius embodies: excellence, service, and leadership.

The value of excellence is something that I focus on daily. Whether it is workouts, practices, or games, my experiences in college have brought me to the expectation of excellence. The value of service has also been instilled as an important value in my personal life. I have taken the opportunity of being a “local celebrity” to help serve the community. In addition to volunteering for the local youth hockey programs, I decided to be a big brother with the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. I believe that serving others is an important part of life especially after graduating from Canisius College. The third value of leadership is something that has been important throughout my life. I was able to be involved in many campus activities during my tenure in college.  Leading and organizing events, being in leadership positions in student clubs, and being the assistant captain of my hockey team were all opportunities to be publicly recognized as a leader at Canisius. Canisius has prepared me to be a leader in all aspects of my life in Columbus.