Anthony Kroese ‘14

Anthony Kroese ‘14

Anthony Kroese ‘14
Honors Political Science
USA, EVP; Council of Presidents, Chair; Alpha Sigma Nu; DiGamma, Student Master

To live the magis is to bring more to life.  In a world where we are constantly worried about the now, I have to remember to take a step back and respect the magis.  To live the magis is different for everyone, but for me it means trying new things and being comfortably uncomfortable.

There is so much more to the world than what I interact with on a daily basis.  By taking a step back, I am able to learn exactly what it means to live the magis.  I need to understand what is important to others and how experiences affect decisions.  Living the magis directly correlates to my being able to best serve as a man for and with others.

At Canisius, I take the magis to the next level through the classes I take, the clubs I join, and the people I meet.  By challenging each other through variety and diversity, we grow and develop into whole persons.  That is what makes Canisius the amazing community that it is: the willingness I find in our students to challenge each other constantly to achieve excellence, however the individual defines it.

I and all of us have a purpose.  I and we all have a magis.  It is up to me and each of us to find what magis is and help it to grow.  Get out there.  Try new things.  Be uncomfortable occasionally.  Like me, you just might find that it will help you grow to new heights.  That’s magis.