Arvela R. Heider, PhD Program Director - Health Information Technology
Adjunct Professor

Arvela R. Heider, PhD

Arvela R. Heider, PhD, founded Holark Systems in 1996. Holark Systems facilitates the development of new health care programs including funding, implementation, and evaluation. She has more than twenty years experience working with healthcare organizations in New York, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Delaware.  Dr. Heider received her doctorate from the University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy in 1984. In addition to Holark Systems, she has been employed at Roswell Park Memorial Cancer Institute, the University at Buffalo, and Canisius College. Dr. Heider has done national webinars/seminars on health care. She is currently the Subject Matter Expert for the Western New York Beacon Community. This is one of President Obama's major initiatives to improve health care delivery.