Ashleigh Maciejewski '15

Ashleigh Maciejewski '15

Ashleigh Maciejewski, ‘15
Justice Intern, Campus Ministry
J.U.S.T.I.C.E. Chair, U.S.A.
Frisch Hall Resident Assistant

Magis is magnifying!  It is our responsibility to take advantage of every opportunity to reflect, learn, grow and become inspired.  Every opportunity helps us to identify our talents and passions that help us determine how we can best serve the world. 

Canisius is full of faculty, staff, administrators, and students who go above and beyond in their roles.  These people have used their gifts and insights to encourage me to be a better person.  Thanks to them, I’ve been given countless opportunities to work toward fulfilling my potential.  These opportunities have allowed me to grow as an individual and serve the community simultaneously. 

Classes challenge and inform me, so that I can challenge and inform others.  Campus Ministry introduces me to social justice issues, so that I can educate others about social justice.  Residence Life offers me guidance and support, so that I can offer guidance and support to my residents.  My fellow Undergraduate Student Association officers work tirelessly for the student body, so that together we can work to execute justice-themed programs for the student body.  My involvement with organizations and individuals in the Canisius community has taught me how to live the magis.  

Simply put, living the magis requires making a commitment to better myself for the sake of bettering others.  There is nothing more rewarding.  I am forever indebted to Canisius for introducing me to the magis.  The only way to repay such a debt is to introduce the magis to others.