Barry Berlin, PhD Professor Emeritus

Barry Berlin, PhD

Barry Berlin, PhD specializes in the journalism and media writing areas. His sub-specialties include media law and ethics, digital media and the Canadian media.

A faculty member since 1976, Dr. Berlin served three, three-year terms as chair, from '95-'04.  He is the founder and director of the Digital Media Arts program.

Dr. Berlin has a Bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois, a Master's from Syracuse University (in mass communication from the Newhouse School) and a Ph.D. from the State University of New York (in mass communication), at Buffalo.

Prior to joining the Canisius faculty, Dr. Berlin was a print journalist for 10 years--five as a reporter and five as an editor--in the Mid-Hudson Valley of New York State. He grew up in Yonkers, N.Y., and Greene County, N.Y.

Involved in computer technology for teaching purposes since the advent of the Apple IIe's, Dr. Berlin has been instrumental in developing computer labs for the department, courses that use computers (e.g., in media writing, the Internet in authoring web sites and in the new digital media arts degree).

He also has been involved in a number of grants, including four involving computers and two in matters Canadian. He prepared and directed a $199,000 U.S. Education Department grant to assist high school teachers in the region in learning to use computers as teaching tools. He prepared and directed a Nynex grant in a similar project at a disadvantaged public school in Buffalo. With a small grant from Title III, he designed a software simulation for a journalism course. Grants from the government of Canada and from the Province of Quebec helped prepare a course on "Canadian Media and Culture." With a more recent Title III grant, Dr. Berlin played a key role in planning and developing the new Digital Media Arts degree.

He has co-authored an article on developing the college's first Macintosh computer lab (Mac Lab I). See "Communicating with Computers: Six Departments Share Teaching Lab Featuring Visually Oriented Approach" in Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Eastern Small College Computing Conference. Vol 6, No. 2, 1990.

He authored a book on Canada and television advertising. See "The American Trojan Horse: U.S. Television Confronts Economic and Cultural Nationalism." Westport, Conn: Greenwood Press, 1990. He co- authored an article, "TV Values and Culture in the U.S. Canadian Borderland Cities: A Shared Prospective" in The Canadian Journal of Communication. Vol. l6, Number 3/4. 1991.

In the media law area, he published a case study on the anti- trust litigation between the former Courier-Express and The Buffalo News. See "The Buffalo Newspaper Legal Battle" in Journalism Quarterly, Winter 1981. An article on teaching the media law course with Dr. Peter Galie of the Political Science department, which Dr. Berlin co-authored with Dr. Galie, was published. See "Departments take adversary role in law course," in Journalism Educator, January, 1980.

Recently Dr. Berlin completed a paper on Blogs

Courses taught include:
COM 203 - Writing for the Public Media
COM 310 - Print Journalism
COM 322 - Feature Writing
DMA 204/Com 326 - Media Law/Ethics
DMA 202/Com 212 Digital Media Culture

  • Expertise: Digital Culture
  • Feature Writing, Print & TV News
  • Cyberspace & the Law