Benjamin Fiore, SJ

Benjamin Fiore, SJ

Benjamin Fiore, S.J.
Professor, Religious Studies & Theology
Pastor, St. Michael’s Church

A long time ago while I was an undergrad at LeMoyne College, one of my Jesuit theology professors said that he found the vocation to the priesthood very difficult because people expect you to be available to them at all times.  As he put it, "If you open the door, it is hard to close it again."  He eventually left the Jesuits and the priesthood.

This memory helps me as I reflect on the magis ideal that St. Ignatius promotes.  I can always put limits on what I wish to offer others or even on what I will do to enhance my spiritual self. Nonetheless, there is always something more that can be done and someone more who can be served.  

Jesus established the ideal of selflessness and calls me to imitate Him as closely as I can in my following of Him.  He is patient when I fall short, and is ready to fill me with spiritual energy when I take up His challenge to act.  Praise Him!