Betsy DelleBovi, PhD Associate Professor

Betsy DelleBovi, PhD

Phone: (716) 888-2264

  • University at Buffalo, PhD, 1993, Composition, Learning and Instruction
  • University at Buffalo, MA, 1986, English Education
  • University at Buffalo, MA, 1984, English
  • University at Buffalo, BA, 1982, English

Years at Canisius: Since 1988

Research Interests: Tutor training, writing assessment, Hawthorne, grammar instruction

Betsy DelleBovi, PhD is an associate professor in the School of Education & Human Services. Her training is in Composition Instruction and American Literature. Ancillary training includes various areas of education including English Education and the history of American education. DelleBovi is a former director of Canisius’ Tutoring Center where much of her research is derived. Her interests include The Beatles, barns, and golden retrievers, as well as the aging processes of tennis players.

Other Projects: Dr. DelleBovi is involved with a professional development project which consists of Partnering and Mentoring relationships with the Diocese of Buffalo and offereing content instruction to teachers of grades 7-12 at high-risk schools.  Dr. DelleBovi is also the faculty fellow for the Coleman Faculty Fellowship Program of Canisius College and the Wehle School of Business. 

Courses Taught:
EDAD 502 Foundations of Literacy Instruction
-EDAD 503 Literacy Skills for the Teaching Profession
-EDS 223 Foundations of Adolescent Literacy
-EDU 415 Grammar and Language Study for Teachers
-HON 235 American Schools: A Nation Still at Risk?

  • Techniques & Training
  • Current Trends, Grammar Instruction