Cecily Rodriguez Communication Leadership Alumni

Cecily Rodriguez

She spent more than a decade at one company in the same function. Once she earned her degree in communication & leadership from Canisius, a Canisius alum took a chance on her. She landed a position in what at the time was an up and coming organizational development department. Cecily Rodriguez hasn’t looked back since.

When Rodriguez started the program, she was newly married, a new mom and had a full-time job. Today, she recommends Canisius to those who value a quality education, hands-on experience they can apply immediately and of course -- flexibility. She also always mentions the relationships. Canisius classes are small. You get to know your classmates and your professors. She says, “These relationships are invaluable to me.” Her network helps her with everything from job searches and event planning to sourcing panel speakers.

At Canisius, Rodriguez learned theory and leadership. She gained hands on experience. She learned to apply those lessons to her own life. When she needed support as a woman trying to advance her career, Rodriguez co-founded and now co-chairs Women On The Rise. When she wanted to do more public speaking, she earned a spot to speak at the inaugural TEDxBuffaloWomen conference. Rodriguez credits Canisius with giving her the knowledge and confidence to pursue those opportunities and many others ahead.