Charles J. Wigley III, PhD Professor of Communication Studies

Charles J. Wigley III, PhD

Communication Studies is one of the most valuable majors on campus! What could be more important in promoting good relationships than effective communication?

I have a bachelor's degree in communication (minor in mathematics) from Youngstown State University, a doctorate in law from the University of Akron, and a doctorate in communication from Kent State University.

I worked my way through school working for Sears, Roebuck, & Co. I worked for Sears for eight years, practiced law for five years,.....and I've taught college for 20 years. I came to Canisius College because the curriculum had been so well developed by our late department chair, Dr. Marilyn G. S. Watt, our former chair, Dr. Barry Berlin, and our most long standing faculty member, Dr. W. Jack Howell.

Although a number of other schools have tried to recruit me away from Canisius, I've stayed here because it is a friendly place, because I have excellent faculty colleagues, because (unlike many schools) students at Canisius take responsibility for their own decisions, because the school promotes academic freedom, and because of the pleasant environment.

Do I have any opinions? I think B. Aubrey Fisher's book Perspectives on Human Communication was very influential in my decision to study communication. The two professors that have had the greatest impact on me were my undergraduate advisor and debate coach, Dr. Daniel J. O'Neill, and my doctoral adviser and, surprisingly, high school debate coach, Dr. Dominic A. Infante.

Courses taught include:
COM 206 - Introduction to Research Methods
COM 302 - Small Group Communication
COM 318 - Organizational Communication
COM 335 - Communication & Personality
COM 418 – Interviewing