Christina Dressler '15

Christina Dressler '15

Christina Dressler ‘15
Ignatian Floor RA

My name is Christina and I am a perfectionist. I am an RA who plays by the rules, a straight-A student, and a weekly attendee at Mass on Sundays. If there’s one thing I hate in life, it’s making mistakes.

Magis simply means “more,” but what I have come to realize is that it does not mean pushing myself more and more to be perfect (how I often live my life). God wants all of us to reach our full potential; but that does not mean being perfect: it means being ourselves. In order to live the magis, I need to accept what life has to offer me with open arms, as well as accept my own imperfections.

So when I try to live the magis, I remember to do my best, but still be me. If God wanted us all to be perfect, he would have made us robots. I try to remember that I am perfectly imperfect, and that I can never truly fail in God’s eyes. Even my mistakes and shortcomings can help me grow into who God calls me to be. I wake up to each day with open arms, ready to accept the blessings and trials that life has to offer!