Connie M Pileri

Connie M Pileri

Connie M. Pileri
Campus Programming and New Student Orientation

Magis serves as a reminder of what my purpose at Canisius is and what I am doing with the skills and talents I have been given.  In my Campus Programming and New Student Orientation role, I look for ways I can improve my life and positively impact the lives of students I meet and work with each day.

During orientation training, the student-leaders learn that the orientation program is not about them, but it cannot be done without them.  The training enables a leader to see a bigger picture and understand the scope and importance of welcoming the students and their families into our College community. Likewise for me, I know that the programming I oversee is not about the quantity of leaders I prepare; rather, it’s about the quality, purpose, and how these student-leaders influence our new students and their families.

Through programming I encourage students to take advantage of the opportunities that Canisius offers them.  Whether they are members of a club or orientation leaders, I see students selflessly giving themselves and their time to achieve a common goal.  In turn, students show me the good they are doing for those around them.  They encourage me to be a better person and administrator.

I have realized that everything I do, from a simple smile or hello in the tunnel to working alongside students and colleagues, can leave a lasting impression.  Like all of us, I have a purpose in life and I will continue to strive to achieve my magis.