Corinne M. Kindzierski, PhD Associate Professor, Special Education; Faculty Advisor for the Council for Exceptional Children

Corinne M. Kindzierski, PhD

PhD in Special Education
State University of New York at Buffalo

Years at Canisius: Since 2007

Courses Taught
Personal Interests
Why prospective students should attend Canisius
Favorite Thing About Canisius
Research Interests
Recent Research
Other Information

Courses Taught:

  • SPE 311/312 Nature and Needs of students with Developmental Disabilities
  • SPE 330/335 Characteristics of Learners with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
  • SPE 698 Seminar in Teaching and Assessment
  • SPE 699 Supervision of Student Teachers

Personal Interests:

  • Effective practices for students with developmental disabilities and Autism spectrum disorder.
  • Therapeutic teaching approaches for students with emotional and behavioral disorders.
  • Assessment of Professional Development Schools.
  • The effects of school climate on students’ affective development.
  • Uncovering bias through structured readings, meaningful reflection and critical discourse.

Why prospective students should attend Canisius:
"The seamless connection between service and learning is what makes Canisius unique. I know my students on a personal level and in turn, they form relationships with each other. This serves as models for the relationships we want our education students to have with the kids in our schools. Canisius is truly a place where we care about the professional and personal life of everyone and we know that becoming a dedicated teacher starts with learning how to use our own talents and gifts in the service of others."

Favorite thing about Canisius College:
My favorite thing about Canisius College is the relationships faculty can form with students. The small student-faculty ratio enables me to learn about my individual students, both professionally and personally. Being a member of Canisius allows students the opportunity to critically examine current issues and become advocates for those who are marginalized or oppressed. Pre-service teachers in the education program not only learn effective and evidence-based teaching strategies, but also understand the importance of valuing and empowering the students we serve.

Research interests:

  • I am interested in the relationship between Universities and Local Education Agencies. I examine how the Professional Development relationships between colleges and schools can enhance learning outcomes for students, teacher educators and higher education faculty.
  • Also, I study the concept of professional reflection and how educators can use meaningful reflection as a tool to increase their awareness the effect of race, ability, gender and achievement has on their teaching and interactions with school community.

Recent Research:
Kindzierski, C. (2009) “Its fine the way it is! Strategies for students with emotional and behavioral disorders. Preventing School Failure, 27(3), 112-130.

Kindzierski, C.; Noble, K. (2010). How peer writing can shape the identity of students with behavioral disorders. Reading Improvement (in press).

Other information:
I teach in both the undergraduate and graduate special education program and supervise student teachers. My courses are developed to provide students with the knowledge and field-based skills required to be successful with students with developmental or emotional disabilities. We emphasize those practices that maintain the dignity of our students while promoting their development.