Dave Smith

Dave Smith

Dave Smith
Head Hockey Coach

MAGIS... from the Latin word 'more.'

The concept of 'more.’ What do I as Head Hockey Coach ask of our student-athletes? We are a piece of a much more complex puzzle: college life!  Our student-athletes are pushed, pulled, prodded and encouraged to be the very best that they can be. We compete for championships on the ice, and we compete to be champions off the ice.

Griffin Hockey is built around three things: Academics, Athletics, and Social Engagement. We ask our hockey players to go to class, sit in the first three rows, and take off our hats. We participate in community service each month and hold ourselves to the highest athletic, academic and social standards. This is an ALL THE TIME THING! 

The Jesuit tradition of developing the whole person has become a way of being; it is not just something that we do. The body, mind, heart and spirit is an integral part of our hockey program.

My MAGIS is represented in the 4 pillars of our program: 1. Integrity 2. Commitment 3. Discipline 4. Family.  There are challenges every single day and we are tested as individuals and as a team to see if we can hold true to the values and integrity of the culture we have created.

Excellence, 'more,' is not achieved by a single hockey coach or a single hockey player. This concept of MAGIS is embraced with every single member of our Canisius community and our Jesuit school. It requires high expectations with high standards. I am happy and proud to do my little piece with all of the Golden Griffin community in trying to do 'more'. MAGIS