David Miller

David Miller

David G. Miller
Adjunct Professor, Studio Art

St. Ignatius expressed the core of magis in the threefold questions, “What have I done for God? What am I doing for God? What more can I do for Him?”

The spring semester is nearing conclusion.  Easter with its imagery of rebirth is upon us.  Thoughts of my tenure at Canisius, past, present and future come to my mind.  These moments of reflection bring into focus what the larger meaning of education is to me: connection.

As educators we provide a continuity of past experience and project it into an even more evolving, malleable future.  Our students keep alive our successes and failures, adding their own along the way.  We can only hope this schooling tradition be carried with them and passed to future students.

I find this to be one aspect of the magis of education: the connection of those that were, to those that are, to those yet to be.