Dianna Civello.

Dianna  Civello.

Dianna Civello
Interim Vice President for Institutional Advancement

What a privilege to come to know our alumni in their golden years!  To listen to their stories as they reminisce about the Canisius of old – when Canisius students were men only, where football was played where our chapel now stands, where the beautiful young nurses who attended formal dances held the promise of marriage and a life fulfilled… 

Countless times, I have looked at my watch, knowing there was work to be done or much needed rest to be had, but I stayed and I listened.  Once, I was asked to climb into a conserved fighter jet as a beaming alumnus recounted the harrowing mission he flew over the South Pacific.  “Take you to the drug store to pick up your prescriptions?”  Of course, I have plenty of time. “ View pictures of your grandchildren?”  Yes!  I want to see them all….

These alumni tell the story of a Canisius that molded them into the men they became, of the doors that opened because of their beloved Canisius, all as their hearts filled with Griffin pride.  “No, of course I don’t mind hearing another story.  Please, do tell me more!”