Ellen Hamm, PhD Associate Professor

Ellen Hamm, PhD

PhD in Education with a concentration in
Early Childhood Special Education;
State University of New York at Buffalo

Years at Canisius: Since 2001

Courses Taught
Why prospective students should attend Canisius
Research Interests
Current Research Opportunities for Teacher Candidates
Recent Research
Other Information

Courses Taught:

  • SPE 565 Research Methods
  • SPE 652 Functional Curriculum
  • SPE 649 Transition Issues
  • SPE 341/541 Inclusive Strategies
  • SPE 615 Research Methods (Action Research)
  • EDCH 615 Research Methods (Action Research)
  • EDCH 540 Child Development

Why prospective students should attend Canisius:
“Canisius College offers exceptional preparation for education candidates. In addition to classroom instruction, the teacher candidate will be immersed in a variety of field placement opportunities. Our dedicated faculty provide individual attention and are readily available to students. Interested students have the opportunity to assist faculty in research endeavors in a variety of areas.”

Research Interests:

  • Early Literacy Strategies
  • Transition Issues
  • Play for Children with Developmental Disabilities
  • Motor Skills and Children with ASD
  • Virtual Manipulative use in the Math Classroom

Current Research Opportunities for Teacher Candidates:

  1. KidSkills Kindergarten Enrichment Program – an early literacy program combining phonemic awareness with visual perceptual and fine motor skill instruction to improve the literacy skills of young children.

  2. Teaching Inquiry to Elementary Students – this research examines effective practices for using Inquiry teaching to grade four students. I currently have positions for graduate and undergraduate student research assistants.

Recent Research:

Burns, B.A., Hamm, E. M., (2011). A Comparison of Concrete and Virtual Manipulative Use in Third and Fourth Grade Mathematics. School Science and Math Journal, 11(6), 256-261.

Lopata, C., Hamm, E.M., Volker, M. A., Sowinski, J. E., & Thomeer, M. L. (2007). Motor and visuomotor skills of children with Asperger’s disorder: Preliminary findings. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 104, 1183-1192.

Hamm, E. M. (2005). Identifying outcomes and toys for play in children with special needs. Journal of Special Education Technology. 21(1) 29-35.

Hamm, E. M. (2005). Playfulness and the environmental support of play in children with and without developmental disabilities. Occupational Therapy Journal of Research, 26 (3) 88-96.

Hamm, E. M. (2004). Managing asthma in the classroom. Childhood Education, 80 (7), 16-19.

Other Information:

  • Recent Presentations:
    Hamm, E.M., Harper, K. A., Gara, M., Pietrosanto, M. (Oct 9, 2011). KidSkills: Right from the start. Presented at The NYS Council for Exceptional Children Conference.

  • Grants:
    Deans Research Award at Canisius College - to fund research on tablet computer applicatiosn in elementary settings. $700.00 Awarded May 2011

    Deans Research Award at Canisius College -
    to fund research on collaborative practices on a multidisciplinary team. $800.00 Awarded December 2011