Emily Dorward '17

Emily Dorward '17

Emily Dorward ‘17
Early Childhood/Childhood Education
Concentration in English

As a freshman here at Canisius, translating the word magis has been quite an adventure. When I first got here I thought, “Oh! Magis simply means more: more freedom, more friends, more food.” But when I started exploring more of myself and my values, I found that the word magis means much more than just freedom, friends and food. More so, I found it includes life, love, and beauty.

I found the true meaning of magis on my Kairos retreat this semester. It taught me to live every day in God’s image and to live every day with magis in mind. Magis, to me, means more life. It means living my life to the fullest each and every day, making sure that not a second goes to waste, and that each of those seconds is spent with a smile. It means more love, giving my love to all in need, and realizing that all people need love. It means having a more beautiful outlook on life, and seeing that all people are beautiful on the inside as well as the outside, no matter who they are. Magis is a commitment. It is spending each day as if it were my last, loving always, and seeing beauty in all things.

Magis, in my opinion, is one of our most important values at Canisius. It includes such a wide range of ideals that I have come to know, including life, love, and happiness. I cannot wait to explore magis more through my upcoming years at Canisius.