Gary Everett

Gary Everett

Gary Everett
Director, Canisius College Public Safety

When I arrived on campus for my first shift as a midnight patrol officer in 1982, I didn’t know that Canisius College would define my career as a law enforcement officer. My first night on the job I met Father Paul Dugan, S.J. who was doing his laundry in the Bosch Hall laundry room at 1 am. I found Father Dugan to be such an interesting and likable person that we immediately became friends. These many years later Father Dugan is more like a grandfather to me. He has influenced my life in more ways than he knows. All of the Jesuits have had an influence on me and made me a better person.

My first 12 years on the job my wife Sue and I worked for the goal of our daughter someday becoming a Canisius College student. That dream was realized and when Kathy graduated. I think she showed the way for our sons Gary and Michael to follow in her footsteps. All 3 have graduated from Canisius and are working in their fields and making a difference. 

As a public safety officer working through the ranks, I have learned never to forget where I started. I have a fantastic group of people to work with every day who I consider to be the finest college public safety department you will find anywhere in the nation.

The reason we have such a great public safety department is because we are men and women for others. When we patrol the campus and answer calls for service, we treat the students like our own family. A promise is made to all parents that we will protect your sons and daughters for the next 4 years; and that means we will do our very best, every shift, every patrol and every day 24/7.

Canisius College has been my mother and father in adult life. By that I mean the college has kept a roof over my head, sent me on vacation, put food on my table, educated my children and taken care of us when we were sick.

I promise to work hard until my last day. And when I retire, I will always consider myself a Canisius College family member wherever I go.