Greg Allgrim '02 Account Executive,
Sap Public Services, Inc.

Greg Allgrim '02

In May 2012, I joined SAP Public Services, Inc. where I am an Account Executive selling to cities, counties, and school boards across the Southeast. SAP is the world’s #1 business application company, and I work in bringing to bear a wide variety of technology solutions to my clients. Before moving to SAP, I had an 8 year career at IBM, where I had three different jobs where I sold to a variety of Public Sector clients. I started with IBM as a summer co-op in New York City, was moved down to Miami where I covered several large accounts, and then finished my IBM career in their Software Group where I sold an asset maintenance/management application to government customers across the Southeast.

Ten years after graduating, I look back and can say that my Canisius education continues to be invaluable to me. I always knew I was interested in a business career, but my liberal arts coursework and study abroad experience helped mold me into the professional I am today. In 2004 I got my foot in the door at IBM working in their Public Sector business, and I’ve been in that industry ever since.   

Working with government entities over the years, a strong sense of public service is just something that’s come naturally to me, and I think those seeds were planted going back to my days at Canisius. Being a trusted advisor to a customer while also having the business savvy to orchestrate and close a deal sometimes is a delicate balance to maintain. To me, striking that balance is what a Canisius education  is all about. Outside of the workplace, my experience at Canisius opened my eyes to the world at large. Although I grew up in the Buffalo area, I’ve since lived in France, Brooklyn, and Miami Beach, which is where I’ve called home for the past 7 years. Living in the gateway to Latin America has afforded me amazing cultural opportunities – it’s the same distance to fly from Miami to either Buffalo or Bogota, as well as Lima or Los Angeles. It’s a huge point of pride for me that I almost completely ran out of space for stamps in my last passport. I think this passion for exploring new places and peoples started with my two-semester study abroad program I experienced at Canisius.