Gregory R. Wood, PhD Associate Professor of Marketing/Associate Dean School of Business

Gregory R. Wood, PhD

For over two decades, Dr. Wood has taught marketing courses at Canisius College with an emphasis on the role that psychology and human behavior play in the development of marketing strategies.  His specific areas of expertise include consumer behavior, human judgment, and attitude formation and change.  In recent years, Dr. Wood has increasingly challenged his students to seek a deeper understanding of the role that materialism and consumer culture play in their lives and our society.  In his innovative course entitled, “Money, Heaven and Right Living” (MKT310), Wood taught students time tested methods of wealth creation alongside teachings from the Judeo/Christian and Buddhist traditions that offer advice about the dangers of emphasizing money and material things as sources of happiness.  At the graduate level, Dr. Wood offers courses in Consumer Behavior (MBA634) and Marketing Strategy (MBA630).  This latter course is taught as a business simulation where students compete with one another, running simulated companies over the course of a semester.  The business simulation comes very close to approximating the marketing challenges and decision situations that modern managers confront on a daily basis and help students understand the close link between “concept” and “practice.”  

In addition to the academic areas previously cited, Dr. Wood continues to build expertise in the growing phenomenon of social media with a specific focus on ways that businesses and not-for-profit organizations can use Web 2.0 capabilities to improve and solidify stakeholder relationships.  Dr. Wood is also working with other campus faculty to promote the use of Ignatian pedagogical methods on campus.  He believes that identifying ways of merging the traditions of faith and reason will be one of the great challenges for Jesuit and other Christian institutions of higher learning in the coming decade. 

He is the author of a number of articles on human judgment and decision making and is frequently invited to facilitate workshops on marketing for local entrepreneurs as part of the Canisius College Women’s Business Center. Dr. Wood is also the principle owner of HausMark Research Services, a company that provides research and consulting services to not-for-profit and faith based organizations with the goal of “Helping those who help others.”  Through his community based activities, Dr. Wood hopes to demonstrate to his students how traditional business skills can be used to make the world a better place.