H. James Birx, PhD Professor of Anthropology

H. James Birx, PhD

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Dr. Birx is a professor of anthropology who teaches ANT-121 Biological Anthropology, ANT-333 Forensic Anthropology, and ANT-451 Theories in Anthropology. He has authored six books, including Human Evolution and Interpreting Evolution, and published numerous articles and reviews. Recently, he edited both the Encyclopedia of Anthropology and the Encyclopedia of Time. He brings to his courses facts, concepts and perspectives from biology, anthropology, and philosophy. His interest in forensic science and evolutionary theory spans the entire history of human culture. Dr. Birx was an undergraduate at the State University of New York at Geneseo, where he is a distinguished research scholar, and did his doctorate work at SUNY-University at Buffalo, where he received his PhD with distinction. He frequently participates in national and international conferences.

  • Human Evolution (Charles Darwin)