Howard Stanger, PhD Professor

Howard Stanger, PhD

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BA, Economics, minor in history -- Queens College (CUNY) MA, Labor Studies -- Institute of Management and Labor Relations, Rutgers University PhD, Labor and Human Resources, minor in business and labor history -- Max Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University

Dr. Stanger teaches undergraduate and graduate business courses in labor relations, human resources, management, and business history. He was named the 2004 Donald E. Calvert Distinguished Professor, an award voted on by MBA students for the Outstanding Professor in the MBA program.

His research on newspaper and printing industry labor relations has appeared in academic outlets such as Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations, the Industrial Relations Research Association’s Annual Research Volume, Collective Bargaining in the Public Sector (2002), Labor Studies Journal, and various IRRA/LERA conference proceedings.
Dr. Stanger also has studied and written about Buffalo’s once prominent Larkin Company, featuring the development of its unique corporate culture (Business History Review); its progressive employee relations practices (New York History), which was named a best article in 2005; its buying club-based marketing practices (forthcoming in Enterprise & Society), and its failed foray into retailing. This work covers the company’s history from 1875 through the early 1940s.

At present, Dr. Stanger is writing a book (with Richard Greenwald, Drew University) titled, American Business: A History (Harlan Davidson), which examines the history of American business from Colonial days to the present. Their approach studies the economic, social, and cultural aspects of business in society.

He has regularly made presentations to academic and popular audiences, appearing on National Public Radio in 2001. He also has been interviewed by local news outlets for labor-related stories. In 2006, Dr. Stanger was awarded the Wehle School of Business’s Outstanding Researcher award.