Janice Schultz-Aldrich, PhD Professor Emerita

Janice Schultz-Aldrich, PhD

PhD, SUNY at Buffalo 

Office: Emerita Suite (Basement of Bouwhuis Library)
Phone: 888-2321

Areas of specialization:

  • Mediaeval philosophy, especially the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas
  • Ethics
  • Logic

Her publications include two books: (1) St. Thomas Aquinas, An Exposition of the “On the Hebdomads” of Boethius, introduction and facing-page translation, co-authored with the late Msgr. Edward A. Synan (Washington, D.C.: The Catholic University of America Press, 2001). (2) "Truth" is a Divine Name: Hitherto Unpublished Papers of Edward A. Synan, 1918-1997, introduction and edition (Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi, 2010).  In addition to an introduction detailing Msgr. Synan's background and contributions, contained in this volume are three posthumous tributes, an updated bibliography of his works, and photographs from throughout his life.

A few of the many articles she has published are:

  • “Revisiting Aquinas on ‘Naturalism’: A Response to Patrick Lee,”American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 77.1 (Winter 2003), pp. 113-131
  • “Love of Friendship and the Perfection of Finite Persons in Aquinas,” inMedieval Masters: Essays in Memory of Msgr. E. A. Synan, ed. R. E. Houser (Houston, Texas: Center for Thomistic Studies, 1999), pp. 209-232
  • “An Abelardian Reconstruction Reconsidered,” American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 70.2 (Spring 1996), pp. 275-286
  • “Thomistic Metaethics and a Present Controversy,” The Thomist 52.1 (January 1988), pp. 40-62
  • “‘Ought’-Judgments: A Descriptivist Analysis from a Thomistic Perspective,” The New Scholasticism 61.4 (Autumn 1987), pp. 400-426.