Jeff Jeckovich Coordinator of Music and Liturgy

Jeff Jeckovich

OM 212

Jeff is coordinator of our Contemporary Music Ensemble and works on making our 9:30PM Sunday Mass a prayerful and vibrant time of community and contemplation. Jeff also plans and provides music for our special liturgies throughout the school year, such as the Campus Ministry Immersion (CMI) Mass, Mass of the Holy Spirit, Thanksgiving Day Mass, Living Stations of the Cross, Baccalaureate Mass, among others.

Jeff has served extensively as a liturgist, pianist, organist, choir director and cantor in the Catholic Church. He holds a B.F.A. in piano performance and a M.A. in Music Theory from SUNY at Buffalo. He is a published writer on music, with articles in journals such as the Annual Review of Jazz Studies and concert reviews in local publications.
Jeff has taught music at Erie Community College, the Niagara Falls Public Schools and the Community Music School of Buffalo. He has performed in numerous bands over the years and has recorded three full-length albums of original compositions with his group. He also performs in popular, jazz and classical styles both as a solo artist and accompanist.  

Jeff lives in Niagara Falls with his wife, Lynne.