Jessica Bliss

Jessica Bliss

Jessica Bliss ‘14
School of Education & Human Services
DiGamma Honor Society
Senior Class Senate
Treasurer, C-Block

I remember taking my last step up the mountain. Looking out on the horizon of other mountains and cities below my feet. The sun shining on me, the wind in my hair, the people who were by my side the entire time laughing. A picture perfect moment.

Magis is a term that is near to my heart. I believe that all people should be living the magis and being more than what they were yesterday.  We are all here for a purpose: to serve, give, and love. Each day I am challenged with different opportunities and obstacles that affect my life. However, I think of magis and what would allow me to be more for others.

This past July I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Santa Luzia, Brazil for a week- long pilgrimage. The thought was scary and the experience was even scarier. I did not know more than half of my group, very few of them spoke English, and we had no idea where we were going. I continued to shut down everyday and wonder if I should be sent home. God wanted a different plan for me, though.

I pushed through. I learned. I prayed. I stood on the top of the mountain with wonderful people.  I became more. Magis is not about having more material things. Magis is about being more within the community and on campus. I believe it's about taking a step back from life and being more within myself and the people around me.