John Kelly, PhD Professor Emeritus

John Kelly, PhD

PhD, Catholic University of America 

Office: Emeritus Suite (Basement of Bouwhuis Library)
Phone: 888-2324

Dr. Kelly has been a member of the philosophy faculty at Canisius since 1966. A native of Buffalo, Dr. Kelly graduated from St. Joseph Collegiate Institute and received his undergraduate education at the University of Toronto. He earned his advanced degrees in the School of Philosophy, the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Kelly’s major academic interest is in metaphysics and ethics. His publications have focused on ancient Greek philosophy, the philosophy of medicine, and social political philosophy, with special emphasis on modern catholic social thought. He has presented numerous papers in the United States and at many international conferences in England at both the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford. 

Sample publications:

  • “Virtue Based Ethics: A Unifying Moral Framework for the Physician-Patient Relationship,” in S. M. Natale and Mark Fenton (eds.), The Developing Professional: Maintaining Values in Practical Training, (Lanham, MD, New York, and London: University Press of America, 1997), 49-74
  • The “Institutional” Responsibility of Medical Practitioners in a Market Economy,” in S. M. Natale (ed.), Corporate Structures, Business, and the Management of Values, Chapter 14, (Lanham, Maryland: University Press of America, 1998), 209-237
  • The Subjectivity of Society and Vocational Relevance, in S. M. Natale (ed.), New Wine in Old Bottles, Chapter 15, (New York: University Press of America, 2000), 201-216
  • “Solidarity and Subsidiarity: Organizing Principles for Corporate Leadership in the New Global Economy,” Journal of Business Ethics, 52: 283-295, 2004, (The Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers)
  • “The Changeable and Unchangeable Dimensions of the Common Good Tradition: Substantive Principles for the Transformation of the Labor Union Movement,” in S. M. Natale (ed.), The Fate of Empires: Education in a Consilient World, Chapter 19 (New York: Global Scholarly Publications, 2005), 279-307

  • Medical, Moral Values & Principles
  • Catholic Social Thought