Joseph Costantino, SJ

Joseph Costantino, SJ

Joseph Costantino, S.J.
Canisius Trustee
Rector, Canisius Jesuit Community
President, Canisius High School

Do you see the glass half-full or half-empty? I had always been a half-empty type, working extremely hard to fill up the other half. 

During one of my many retreats, while reflecting and praying, I heard inside my spirit, almost as if God were speaking to the depths of my heart: “Don’t you see, the glass is always at a half.”  It was a simple, yet profound insight into myself as well as into God’s ways. 

God has designed the world in a way to keep us always moving forward. That’s why the glass is always at a half.  Yet with God’s grace, our challenges can be overcome and our work accomplished with a “peace the world cannot give.” St. Ignatius Loyola suggests a way for us to be always open to that way of being: the daily Examen. Within a stance of thankfulness and praise, we prayerfully discern how we are living.  Are we caught up in our own narrow half-full or half-empty perspectives, missing the God’s-eye view of things? Are we missing a consciousness of God’s daily offering of blessings and graces?  Are we living the magis, which doesn’t necessarily mean working harder or doing more (my youthful “half-empty” spiritual tendency), but rather living with ever-greater faith, hope and love?  

This is my magis; for I believe our growing in faith, hope and love are among the authentic dreams and desires our Creator God has for me and for all of us.