Joseph Van Volkenburg

Joseph Van Volkenburg

Joe Van Volkenburg
Assistant to the Director of Campus Ministry

Magis is living my life with God and with Christ in all that I do. I will love, serve and care more deeply.  t is about leading by example and sharing my faith experience, strength and hope with our students and college community.  

Several times a week I join with students doing direct service for the poor and marginalized in the City of Buffalo. When we make the sandwiches for our Homeless Ministry or serve at St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy, I tell our students, “This is what Jesus would be doing. We are being Jesus for others.” I say to them, “The spirituality of the poor is one of gratitude. We can learn about God from the poor because they live it.”  

Magis is a call for continued quality improvement in all that I do. I tell students all the time in reflection and in private conversations, “I am a campus minister and what I do is ministry. The world also needs good accountants, financial planners, teachers, lawyers and doctors.  Whatever you become, it, too, can be ministry. Be the best you can be and contribute to your community.  When you are a parent, be the best you can be to form and love your child.” 

Magis calls me to be in the world and to be a contemplative in action, one of the tenets of Ignatian Spirituality.  My life, I hope, is a living prayer in action and I offer it to God and to Jesus.