Judith E. Larkin, PhD Professor

Judith E. Larkin, PhD

Phone: 888-2508

I graduated from Vassar College with a major in Psychology. Over the next decade I pursued my doctorate in psychology at Columbia University in New York City while at the same time having three children, making two year-long trips to the Philippines, and moving my family to Buffalo.

I teach Introduction to Psychology (Psy 101 and Psy 102), Leadership and Motivation, and Industrial/Organizational Psychology (which is psychology applied to business).

I like to have fun in the classroom. What this means is that I try to create a highly interactive classroom environment, mixing lecture, discussion, group activities, demonstrations, videos, etc. into the hour and 15 minute class. Some people say I talk a lot about sex!

Related to teaching is advising students. I have a passion for career counseling and love to help students figure out what they want to do with their lives - and to help them get there. It’s personally very meaningful to watch students become successful in their careers.

My article entitled “Gender and Risk in Public Performance” which appeared in the September 2003 issue of Sex Roles represents the results of several years of research about a topic I continue to investigate: women’s tendency to avoid situations where they have to present in public because of the fear that they will making a fool of themselves in front of others. I want to learn why this is so much more true of women than men, and what can be done to encourage women to take greater risks, even when they’re not sure of how things will turn out. I have students currently working with me on several research project related to this and other topics.

I like to: go to restaurants - all kinds of restaurants and eat outdoors at restaurants … and in my gazebo next to the water garden, watching the goldfish. After all that eating, I really need and like kick-boxing and sparring, aerobics for a tamer activity to burn off the calories. Then there’s traveling (latest great destinations: Costa Rica and Spain), and learning Spanish (I’ve been taking classes for two years at Canisius), walking anywhere, especially walking around cities. Visiting art galleries, exploring Toronto, New York City, D.C., Boston, Philadelphia … being by a lake … certain computer activities … movies and theater … and most of all, being with the people I love.