Julia Wescott, PhD Professor Emerita of Spanish

Julia Wescott, PhD

Churchill Tower 1013

Julia Wescott, Professor of Spanish, received her A.B. and A.M. from Brown University, and her PhD from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.  She was the co-recipient with Dr. Coral Snodgrass (Canisius College, Wehle School of Business) of an Oishei Teaching Fellowship in 1999-02 and of a Peter Canisius Teaching Fellowship in 2003-06.  She has established study abroad programs in Oviedo (Spain) and with Dr. Snodgrass, in Morelia (Mexico).  She has published articles on modern Spanish literature.  Her interests lie in the above-mentioned areas as well as in immigration issues, Mexican crafts, local Latino issues, and also in the juncture of the study of Spanish in relationship to other fields, such as entrepreneurship and international business.  She is currently working with Ji-Hee Kim, PhD (Canisius College, Department of Entrepreneurship), and is in year two of a Coleman Foundation Fellowship.