Julie Anna Golebiewski '04, PhD Assistant Professor/Economics & Finance

Julie Anna Golebiewski '04, PhD

Dr. Golebiewski joined the Economics and Finance Department in the fall of 2015. After graduating from Canisius College in 2004, she earned an M.S. and Ph.D. in Economics from the Maxwell School for Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University. She then worked as an economist in New York City and New Mexico, where she forecast economic conditions and tax revenues, estimated the fiscal impact of public policies, and analyzed economic data, with an emphasis on employment and labor markets.

Her primary research area is in the economics of education, or the translation of local taxes, combined with state and federal aid, to the performance of K-12 public schools. One of her papers estimates the effect of property tax limits on the willingness of residents to contribute private donations to supplement public funding for education. And, consistent with her work experience, she is more generally interested in the effects of government policy on the economic realities of those the policy impacts. In that vein, she will soon begin work to estimate the impact of increases in the minimum wage in New York State on employment and prices.

Dr. Golebiewski is excited to be back at Canisius College and strives to engage her students to think about how economic forces influence their lives on a daily basis. She also looks forward to being more involved in the Western New York community, as she has always considered Buffalo “home”.