Julie Gibert, PhD Associate Professor of History

Julie Gibert, PhD

Office: CT-604
Phone: 888-2632

Julie Gibert, PhD received her AB at Davidson College and her M.A. and PhD at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She joined the history department in 1990.

Gibert’s research interests center on the social history of Britain in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. She has published articles and delivered conference papers on a variety of topics including the admission of women to British universities, the effect of the “servant crisis” on British home life. Her current project is an analysis of the depiction of British history in reality-television programs such as 1900 House and 1940s House.

In the All-College Honors program Gibert has taught “Problems in European History” at the sophomore level, and upper-level seminars on “War and Society in 17th Century England” (with Timothy Wadkins), “The British Monarchy,” and on the evolution of British national identity as it is expressed in politics and in popular culture. She has also enjoyed supervising a wide variety of honors theses on topics in British and Irish history.

As an enthusiastic cook, Gibert hopes someday to offer an Honors course on the history of food.

  • 18th, 19th & 20th Century Social History, British Empire
  • Domestic Service in Britain
  • Western Civilization from 1500
  • Women & Higher Education (Britain)
  • Constitutional Union with Great Britain, Home Rule Movement, Irish Republic
  • Byzantium – Islam Conflicts, European Civilization Between 500 – 1500, Evolution of Parliamentary Government, Reformation & Revolution
  • Changing Role of Women in Society, Women in the Western World