Karl Kozlowski

Karl Kozlowski

Karl Kozlowski, PhD, ATC
Assistant Professor

My first thought on magis defined as “more” led me to think that doing more isn’t necessarily better. We get caught up trying to do too much in life. Our calendars and “to do” lists are jam-packed more than ever. How could a philosophy of doing even “more” be a good thing? I might increase office hours and appointments, write more papers and volunteer more hours in service. Yet with my days already filled, simply doing “more” wasn’t practical. 

That’s where I was wrong. After much reflection, doing “more” wasn’t the answer. I realized that magis really meant to be “greater.” Greater not in terms of quantity, but in terms of quality of life. This greater quality has led to growth both personally and professionally and has allowed me to try to be the greatest version of myself possible. I now live magis at Canisius and in life by “tuning in” instead of simply “turning the volume up.” It’s no longer the amount of time I spend but the depth of the moments I experience with my students, advisees, co-workers, friends and family.  

This tuning in involves more listening, tolerance, investment and balance. I now reflect on magis and use it along with the Examen as my guide to everyday living. The centeredness and consolation that I now experience allows me to connect intimately to my work and to the lives of those around me. From a quick after class conversation, an email response, a tweet, a smile in the hallway or a heart to heart office appointment, magis drives me to a greater purpose. That ultimately results in a tuning in like I’ve never experienced.  Thanks in part to this sense of magis and being “greater,” I know I’m right where I belong, doing exactly what I am meant to do.