Kathleen Brucato

Kathleen  Brucato

Kathleen Brucato
Director, International Student Programs

Living the magis is at the very heart of my professional work daily. 

Working with the international students who attend Canisius is a constant reminder that there is a world out there that is far bigger than just our campus community. With each new student, I learn valuable lessons that expand my own knowledge of our global community. Getting to know the students’ backgrounds and cultures leaves me wanting to learn more.

I recently asked the new students who arrived in August why they chose to attend Canisius. The answers varied. What I strive for is to play a role, no matter how large or small, in each of their experiences while they are here. It is my hope that by serving them during their time here, they will return to their home country or wherever life takes them and then serve others.

Regardless of the reasons why they chose to attend, I hope the outcomes of their experiences are great ones. There is no better feeling than that of hearing from international alums who share with us how their experiences at Canisius have helped to lead them on their life path.