Katie Johnson '14

Katie Johnson '14

Katie Johnson ‘14
Campus Ministry Spiritual Intern
Secretary for DiGamma Honor Society, Spanish Club and College Democrats

Attending Canisius has allowed me to explore my faith in a deeper and more personal way. My magis means stepping outside of my comfort zones, exploring new places and meeting new people. With all that Canisius has taught me, I was able to study abroad in Spain for six incredible months!

The idea of traveling to a foreign country can be intimidating and scary; but I think that Canisius has helped me to become a person who can travel abroad and bring with me Jesuit ideals and values. Traveling abroad helped me learn more about my faith and myself.

Being thrown into the unknown of a new country, new culture and new people, I had nothing but my faith to fall back on for security. It allowed me to reflect more on my life, and to recognize where I saw God throughout my day. I also lived my magis by teaching Spanish students at San Ignacio, a Jesuit school. Through this I was not only able to teach but also to learn from Spanish students about their cultures and values. I learned the world is a much bigger place and I shouldn’t be complacent just to sit at home. I should be out exploring the world, asking questions, and trying to find meaning in all things.