Katrina Cosgrove '15

Katrina Cosgrove '15

Katrina Cosgrove ‘15
Journalism and Religious Studies/Theology majors
myMAGIS Project Spring ’14 photographer

Over the past semester I’ve had the opportunity to meet, photograph and get to know some amazing people for the myMAGIS Project. It’s incredible to see the talent and positivity that has been flowing through this campus. And I’m very grateful for Canisius and the chance to do this. This project hasn’t just been an awesome gig for me. It’s become my way to explore my spirituality and what’s important to me so that I can grow in my future career and goals.

I’ve realized through this project that one of the biggest reasons why I’m passionate about photography is because I like to show other peoples’ passions. With almost every shoot I did, I asked what magis meant to the person posing in front of the huge strobe lights in Lyons 411. Hearing their reflections and ideas was inspiring to me and helped me photograph them with a more personal touch. Knowing what passion drives and encourages others to do whatever they want to accomplish in life is part of what I now think of as magis.

As I grow older and become more involved, I’m starting to understand that my passion is what is going to take me into more wonderful experiences like the myMAGIS Project.  And these will also help me harness what I value in life. I’m excited to go out into the world and share my values, my magis and my passion in my photography.  I hope I will help other people find their own magis and passion, too. Lastly, thank you to every single person involved in this whole project.  Because without you all, I would not have found my own magis.