Kurt Schneiderman Adjunct Professor

Kurt Schneiderman

Kurt Schneiderman
Adjunct Professor
Phone: 716-888-2650
Areas of Specialty:  Playwright, director, designer, dramaturg, and theatrical critic.

Kurt Schneiderman is a playwright, director, designer, and former theatre critic who has been working actively in the Buffalo Theatre Community for more than 20 years. Declared one of “Buffalo’s Emerging Playwrights” by The Buffalo News in 2001, Schneiderman’s original plays have enjoyed productions in New York, Chicago, Montreal, and Toronto as well as numerous productions here in Buffalo. He is the winner of the Buffalo Ensemble Theatre’s 2003 Helen Mintz Award for Playwriting Excellence for his play Manifest Destiny Blues. His play A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to Shoot the Czar was one of eight plays chosen to make up the international component of the 2004 Toronto Fringe Festival.  His play Mother Dis-Courage travelled the international “infringement” Festival circuit performing in Montreal, Buffalo, and New York City in 2005.  His plays Foundations (2007) and Waterboarding Blues (2009) were both nominated for Outstanding Play of the Year at the Buffalo Artie Awards and he was nominated for Best Playwright in Artvoice magazine’s 2007 Best of Buffalo Awards. He is the Founder & Artistic Director of Buffalo’s Subversive Theatre Collective, the Founder and original Overall Organizer of the Buffalo “infringement” Festival, an award-winning lighting designer, and a former drama critic who has written for a long list of Buffalo publications including Buffalo Beat, Blue Dog, Buffalo Jewish Review, Outcome, Traffic East, and Nightlife.

Schneiderman’s teaching interest is working with developing playwrights at both the introductory and advanced level.  

“I think learning—any kind of learning but especially creative writing—should be fun. Hard work, but fun hard work. I do my best to create a classroom that is alive and engaging. We use theatrical warm-up techniques, actors’ games, eavesdropping competitions, improv and role playing exercises, and lively group readings and discussions to help students open up and follow their Muse wherever it may be leading them.  The last thing I want to do to a budding young playwright is drown them in artifice and posturing.  What every student can expect from me is honest, informal, and unabashed encouragement and feedback on their journey of discovering their creative powers.” —Kurt Schneiderman.