Marguerite D. Kermis, PhD Professor

Marguerite D. Kermis, PhD

Phone: 888-2515

I attended Our Lady of Mercy High School in Rochester, NY. I spent time at four different undergraduate institutions before finally graduating summa cum laude from Canisius College in 1972 with a degree in psychology. I completed a master’s and doctorate in lifespan developmental psychology at Syracuse University in 1976. I had a postdoctoral fellowship in aging and human development from the National Institutes on Aging at the University of Chicago which was completed in 1977. In 1982, I completed an MS in Social and Preventive Medicine (Epidemiology) at the State University of New York at Buffalo College of Medicine and Dentistry.

I teach a variety of courses in the areas of developmental psychology and community health. Currently these courses include Developmental Psychology, Adolescent Psychology, Health Psychology and Child, Family and Community.

I want to engage my students in classroom exchange and use a teaching method modeled after the Socratic dialogue. I make extensive use of case studies and applications of theory to practical concerns in the courses I teach.

My research currently focuses on leadership development, character and integrity in professions and the relationship between MCAT and SAT performance in potential medical students.

I have been married FOR A LONG TIME to the same person. We have two daughters who are teenagers but still seem to enjoy talking and spending time with us. We also have two German Shepherds. We enjoy traveling, music and reading together.

  • Body Image, Independence, Self-Esteem
  • Aging