Mark J. Piatkowski

Mark J. Piatkowski

Mark J. Piatkowski, BA ‘01, ’03 CSPA ‘03, ’11 MBA ‘11
Assistant Director of Residence Life

Living the magis is what I strive to do daily in Residence Life. 

Since I arrived at Canisius in 2005, I have a sign on my door that says, “If not for the student standing in front of me, I would not be here.  My position exists because of this student.”  This constant reminder of cura personalis is what keeps me motivated.  Each student walks in my door and comes to see me for a need.  Whether it is about living with a friend or a meeting about poor behavior in the halls, each student comes with a purpose.  It is my goal to look beyond the issue and educate the individual. There is potential in every situation and every student… the magis.

As each student walks away, there is gratification knowing that I made a difference.  Even when the student’s action or conduct is in question, there is a silver lining.  Learning comes in many forms and lessons are found in many experiences.  As an educator it is my hope that in the future these students will discern and do “better”… the magis.

Sometimes the most rewarding moments comes years down the line, when a student who made a poor choice comes back and touches base and says. “Thank You!”  Sometimes good people make bad decisions; and it is great to see these students learn, graduate, and reflect.  St. Ignatius and other Jesuits would ask, “What have I done for God?  What am I doing for God?  What more can I do for God?”  Well, as I continue my tenure at Canisius, I will strive to take the words of our Jesuit founder and ask, What have I done for this student?  What am I doing for this student?  What more can I do for this student? … the magis.