Mark Yi-Cheon Yim, PhD Assistant Professor of Marketing

Mark Yi-Cheon Yim, PhD

PhD, Advertising – University of Texas at Austin
MS, Advertising – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
BA, German Language & Literature – Korea University
Dr. Yim’s previous work experiences have consistently focused on the development of innovative marketing strategies using new technology. Before coming to the United States, he worked as an account planner for Cheil Worldwide, Inc., a Samsung in-house agency in Seoul, Korea where he was in charge of consumer analysis, market analysis, and strategic planning. He has also held positions at companies in Canada and Germany.
Dr. Yim’s primary research interests include technology based marketing communications, shopper behavior, and luxury branding. His recent research, supported by prominent companies such as CJ Powercast and Pavonine Korea, identified how stereoscopic 3-D technology and retail digital signage can be used as an innovative marketing communication tool. He is currently working on an investigation of the impact of stereoscopic 3-D technology on the effectiveness of product placements in the context of sports games.  He is also working on the impact of augmented reality based promotions on consumer evaluations. In addition, he has conducted research on shopper behaviors in a retail store, using an advanced qualitative observation method known as video ethnography where a mini-wireless camera was mounted on participants’ heads and recorded what the shoppers observed during their in-store shopping trip. It allowed researchers to identify recreational shoppers’ buying behavior. Dr. Yim's research has appeared in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, the Journal of Advertising, the Journal of Advertising Research and International Research Review, among others and has been annually presented in many renowned international conferences, such as AAA, ACR, AMA, and BRC.

He teaches Digital Marketing, Social Media Branding & PR, Principles of Marketing, Marketing Management, and Marketing Strategy at Canisius.


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