Martha A. Malkiewicz

Martha A. Malkiewicz

Martha Malkiewicz
Adjunct Professor, Fine Arts Music

I believe in the inherent worth and dignity of all people, and the interdependent web of all living things.  I believe that everything we do touches others, so it is important that love be the support system for our being. These beliefs call me to say “Yes!”

Yes! to growing from whatever comes my way, good or bad.

Yes! to loving others and myself.

Yes! to believing beyond the moment and trusting in all possibilities.

I try to bring on open, loving, buoyant spirit to my classroom - a spirit that is grateful for the beauty in the world and compassionate with the grief that accompanies our existence on earth. Both beauty and grief are gifts to us. How we respond - whether we remain open and loving, cautious and wounded, or closed and hurtful - is our gift back to the world. 

Magis calls us to remain open and loving as we accept the gifts of beauty and grief. Magis calls us to examine our actions and learn from the good and the bad.  Magis calls us to trust in all possibilities as we peer into the future, and to move ahead with joy in our hearts.