Michael Forest, PhD Chair of Philosophy Department; Associate Professor of Philosophy

Michael Forest, PhD

PhD, Marquette University 

Office: Tower 711
Phone: 888-2328

Michael Forest originally comes from a distant area of the solar system. Its location is a secret. His earth family was located in Detroit MI, where he was “born and raised” as humans like to say. Forest became fascinated with the ways that human earthlings think and act, including their perennial habit of destroying most everything that they come into contact with. He began to study philosophy so that he could survey all the different versions of their thinking, including a local variant called “pragmatism” found dispersed among the American tribe. He has also been teaching and thinking about Environmental Ethics, trying to figure out why humans never care much about the other earthlings and terrestrial inhabitants. He also loves aesthetics – the philosophies of art and beauty. He hopes to continue teaching courses on the philosophy of art and beauty until he is returned to his state of origin and the gentle, reasonable creatures of his distant home.