Richard A. Bailey, PhD Associate Professor

Richard A. Bailey, PhD

Office: CT-610
Phone: 888-2684

After growing up in the state of Alabama, Richard A. Bailey PhD earned his doctoral degree at the University of Kentucky before coming to Canisius College in 2008. He specializes in colonial American history, American religious and cultural history, and the history of “race” in America. These interests culminated in the publication of his most recent book, Race and Redemption in Puritan New England (Oxford University Press, 2011). In addition to delivering invited lectures in Massachusetts, California, and Kentucky, he is currently working on a manuscript entitled The Redeemed Captive’s Zion, an analysis of society and culture on the frontier of western Massachusetts during the 18th century. In his spare time, Bailey enjoys fly fishing (the subject of another work in progress), touring by bicycle (the aim for a few future course offerings), and building Lego sets (the obsession of his son’s life).