Rita Capezzi, PhD Associate Professor

Rita Capezzi, PhD

Office: Tower 1112
Phone: 888-2886 capezzir@canisius.edu

Office Hours: MW 11-1, F 11-noon and by appointment

Dr. Capezzi teaches FYS 101, ENG 101, and ENG 299 Introduction to Literature Studies, where she emphasizes strongly the development of productive reading and writing strategies. She has also begun teaching online, with ENG 101 as her first effort. This year she is also advising First Year majors in English and Creative Writing.

Recent courses include HON 346 Literary Mathematics and Mathematical Literature (team taught with Dr. Christine Kinsey of the Math Department) and ENG 285 Writing and Animal Studies (an Advanced Writing-designated course in the core curriculum designed for the ABEC program). Other courses include: ENG 319 Reading Big Books, ENG 324 Reading and Writing in Early America, ENG 315 American Literature I, ENG 210 Mothers in Literature and Film, ENG 207 Word and Image, and ENG 203 Culture and Identity. Among Dr. Capezzi's teaching interests are African-American women writers, gender studies, 19th- and early 20th-century American literature, the history of reading and writing instruction in early America, discourses of domesticity, verbal-visual texts and William Blake.

Dr. Capezzi has published on Melville's "Benito Cereno," and her scholarly works in progress include articles on Melville and periodical publications, readers of the Harper's Bazaar, 19th-century American domestic scrapbooks, and the discourse of domesticity in 19th-century American periodicals and literature.

New research projects include work on patterns of advanced language study since the elimination of the foreign language requirement in the Core Curriculum, Core Curriculum change in the context of the history of Jesuit education, and challenges of retaining well-prepared but under-motivated students. She works on these projects in collaboration with faculty and staff in the Departments of Sociology, Education, and Student Success and Retention. 

In the past, Dr. Capezzi served as the Director of the Core Curriculum, Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences, and Director of Academic Advising.