Ron Kotlik, PhD Program Director - Education Technologies
Faculty - Education Technologies and Emerging Media

Ron Kotlik, PhD

Ronald Kotlik has had a long relationship with Canisius since he was an undergraduate and graduated Suma Cum Laude in 1997 with a Bachelors in History and Psychology.  After leaving Canisius, Ron pursued his graduate work in American History at SUNY Buffalo earning a Masters Degree in 1999 and finishing his graduate work with a Doctor of Philosophy in 2005.  Ron’s interest in History has been exhibited through his work at Old Fort Niagara and his teaching at Canisius College, SUNY Buffalo, and Clarence High School.  Ron is currently a History Teacher at Clarence High School teaching courses in Advanced Placement United States History, Advanced Placement World History, and the Civil War.  Ron’s passion for History is equaled by his incorporation of technology into all if his teaching experiences.  In addition to his History teaching, Ron has taught at Canisius since 2000.  Ron currently teaches in the Education Technologies Department focusing on courses in Multimedia Design, On-line Instruction, New Litreracies, and Leadership and Technology.  Ron has presented at numerous technology conferences on technology tools for formative assessment and mobile devices in the classroom.