Sheila A. Toomb

Sheila A. Toomb
Sheila Toomb
College Student Personnel Administration
Graduate Assistant, Career Center

Throughout my year with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, I came to realize that while it is often the big events and acts of service that make the best stories, our smallest actions can make the largest impacts on our lives and to those around us. So, in my life, I live the magis by making small, intentional decisions.

I choose to take the steps to surround myself with people who are life-giving, and from whom I can learn and grow. I choose to work and advocate for the issues of social justice that are closest to my heart. I choose to make time for prayer and reflection, because I know that that is how I will remain balanced. I choose to show love to those I encounter, because I believe that that is what God would want me to do.

These choices are not always easy, and I often fail in making them. However, my most important choice to make each day is to remember I’m not perfect.  And I choose to pick myself back up and keep working towards a life of service of others.