Sr. Patricia Brady

Sr. Patricia Brady

Sr. Patricia Brady, S.S.M.N.
Director, Service-Learning

Magis is a call and a challenge to stretch my spirit, my heart and my efforts to be and do all that I can to help recreate our world, our community and our lives.  It doesn’t at all imply overdoing or stressing oneself in the attempt to stretch.  It’s more like a reaching out to others, an opening wide the doors of my heart to see who can come in, a belief that doing something for others and for God is worth doing with my whole heart.

Service-Learning lends itself very well to living out the Jesuit cornerstone of magis.It is all about connecting educational efforts to community engagement in order to become transformed by the whole experience.  I cannot be involved personally with the many community partners we have, but I feel I can be involved with them through the students who generously give of their time and talents to make a difference in our community and help to bring about more social justice. 

The professors who engage their classes in this educational method are also involved in the magis experience because none of it would be possible without their collaboration.  They, too, help to widen the doors of many hearts, and make it possible for the Buffalo community to enter in and find a home at Canisius.