Stephen Chanderbhan, PhD Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Stephen Chanderbhan, PhD

Office: Tower 703
Phone: 888-2223

Ph.D., Saint Louis University

Areas of Specialization:

  • Medieval Philosophy (spec., Aquinas)
  • Moral Psychology
  • Philosophy of Religion

Areas of Competency:

  • Ethics
  • Catholic Social Thought

Publications :

  • “Does Empathy Have Any Place in Aquinas's Account of Justice?” Philosophia 41.2 (2013): 273-288.
  • “The Shifting Prominence of Emotions in the Moral Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas.” Diametros 38 (Special Issue on the Moral Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas and Contemporary Practical Ethics) (December 2013): 62-85.
  • "Narrative, Casuistry, and the Function of Conscience in Thomas Aquinas." Diametros 47 (Special Issue on Thomas Aquinas' Theory of Conscience and Contemporary Debates on Conscientious Objection) (March 2016): 1-18.
  • Co-translator(with Eleonore Stump) of Thomas Aquinas. De principiis naturae. In Thomas Aquinas: Basic Works, edited by Jeffrey Hause and Robert Pasnau, 2-13.  Indianapolis: Hackett, 2014.

  • Review of Thinking Through Feeling: God, Emotion, and Passibility, by Anastasia Philippa Scrutton. Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, April 15, 2012.

Courses Taught:

  • PHI 101 - Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHI 211 - Philosophy of Religion
  • PHI 225 - Logic
  • PHI 241 - Ethics: Traditions in Moral Reasoning
  • PHI 252 - Happiness, Virtue, and the Good Life
  • PHI 267 - Catholic Social Thought
  • PHI 302A - Medieval Philosophy
  • PHI 405 - Seminar: The Problem of Evil

Dr. Chanderbhan is also the on-site director for the Be the Light Youth Theology Institute at Canisius College (funded by the Lilly Endowment, Inc.).